Stepping out

After having dinner out last week I decided that I would not turn down opportunities to dine out and ended up having a breakfast and a lunch out this week. That makes a total of 3 meals eaten out so far thins month and not made from my home grown ingredients. I decided I need a social lie and can’t eat at home ALL the time.

Tuesday July 22nd

breakfast – went out for breakfastDSCN0083
lunch deviled eggs
snack – yogurt
dinner – leg of rabbit with tomato sauce and sweet peppers and snow peas

DSCN0098My tomatoes are just starting to ripen and Im out of the frozen sauce from last year, but found a bag of frozen whole Big Boy tomatoes from last year.. I reduced a few into a sauce and they were excellent, despite being frozen whole and not even blanched for a year. I also had the last of the spring snow peas that had been patiently waiting in the vegetable drawer of the fridge to be eaten.




Wednesday July 23rd
breakfast – yogurt
lunch – went out for lunch

snack – goat cheese
dinner rabbit vegetable soup (sweet pepper, green beans, summer squash)

The soup contains the first summer squash. The variety is Goldy, a new variety or me and one I shall plant again, I think.




Soup and Salad

Monday July 21st – Today I picked my first sweet red pepper of the season!

breakfast – 2 hard boiled duck eggs

lunch – yogurt cucumber cold soup (goat yogurt, cucumber, vinegar, salt)

Dinner – cream of broccoli soup (goat milk, cream, broccoli, onion, cayenne, salt) and

chicken, green bean, red pepper pepper salad with chunky goat cheese dressing (goat cheese, vinegar, honey, salt),



IMG_5198Saturday July 19thIMG_5204

breakfast – goat cheese

lunch – Swiss chard and egg

dinner chicken wings, tomato and green bean potato stew

desert – goat cheese and honey

Sunday July 20th

IMG_5213breakfast – scrambled eggsIMG_5212

lunch – yogurt cucumber cold soup

dinner – sweet and sour rabbit wings on a bed of purslane with a side of broccoli , and a side of oven fried potatoes.

IMG_5217desert – goat cheese with honey





Onward –

My camera has terminal focusing problems. Probably from dropping it. I am in the process of buying a new camera, but the photos will be poor for a bit longer.

Wed July 16th

Breakfast – green bean, snow pea, onion quiche

Lunch – more of the quiche

Snack – chocolate bar!!!!!!! No I did not grow THAT. I was our shopping and just could not think of a good reason not to! I will start an exceptions page for such things.

Dinner – rollup – duck egg wrapper, broccoli, chicken and a tomato, yogurt dressing. I made the wrapper from one egg. It should have really been 2 eggs. The filling was too much for the amount of wrapper.









Thursday July 17th

Breakfast – goat cheese

Lunch – yogurt cucumber soup

Dinner – went out to dinner with a friend to a restaurant – ate food I did not grow – lobster and monkfish over couscous. Decided I can not abandon my social life – will document on the exceptions page

IMG_5176Friday July 18th

breakfast – goat cheese

lunch – a lot of little things, yogurt cucumber soup, tomato goat cheese salad (first ripe  non-cherry tomato of the year!) and some leftover poached chicken from Wed night with the leftover tomato yogurt dressing





dinner – chicken, tomato, red pepper, green bean stew.


I’ve passed the 2 week mark and am still eating all home grown meals. I also dropped my camera and it’s sadly not taking photos that are as well focused as it was previously. Darn!

Monday July 15

breakfast  – -goat cheese
lunch – cucumber yogurt cold soup

desert – the rest of the honey ice milk (on the theory that eating it all up to get rid of it was a good strategy!)
dinner – rest of the rabbit and green bean stew

snack – yogurt


Tuesday July 16th

breakfast – goat cheese
lunch  –  cucumber yogurt soup
snack – goat cheese with  honey
dinner – chicken wings with BBQ sauce, oven fried potatoes with a green bean and sun gold tomato salad, The BBQ sauce had tomato, onion, cayenne pepper, honey vinegar and salt.IMG_5142






I had the idea of sowing beets in between two rows of tomatoes. This did not work out. The beets did not get enough light as the tomatoes grew too fast and they were very very small. Sowing green onions between broccoli worked. Sowing beets between tomatoes did not. Even the leaves were attacked by leaf miners so the yield was very bad. However, I did scrounge up enough for a beet salad today.

Saturday July 12th meals

breakfast – green bean and snow pea quiche

lunch – green bean and snow pea quiche and a beet and goat cheese salad








dinner- rabbit, potato, tomato and kale stew



Sunday July 13th meals

breakfast – goat cheese

lunch – goat cheese, broccoli and hard boiled eggs

snack  – yogurt

dinner – rabbit, tomato, green been stew

desert – honey ice cream made IMG_5114from goats milk, egg and honey




rollupBreakfast – Green bean and snow pea quiche

Lunch – Green bean and snow pea quiche, and yogurt.

These quiche-like things are so easy to cook ahead and  delicious to eat hot or cold that I can not stop making them!

Dinner – Goat cheese and chicken wraps with green beans on the side.  Someone suggested I try making goat cheese crepes. That seemed impossible without wheat, but I thought I would experiment with making a flourless food wrapper. It was easier than I thought. It’s just plain well beaten duck egg with a little salt poured on a greased (with chicken fat) non stick pan.  They do come out very yellow though. I’m not sure if that is a feature or a bug.

Snack – planning on some yogurt or chevre later